The Golden Tamper

IMG_1764 (1)

Our new golden tamper, handmade in England.

A nice tamper is an essential tool to the barista trade, along with full-bodied espresso, a solid, well cleaned espresso machine (Italian made, of course) & a top notch espresso grinder, with razor sharp burrs. All at your service. This will, quite possibly be the best $3-$6 you have ever spent. Check out our menu.

Picture Perfect!

IMG_1569You  could call the photo “staged” only because we put the glass in front of a leafy plant, instead of handing it off to a customer to drink & enjoy. Everything else about this glass of iced tea is real. It is our Iced Summer Nectar: green rooibos, orange peel, marigold flowers, dried strawberries, natural peach & orange extract. Very refreshing, mildly sweet.  Naturally caffeine free.

The Popeye

photo 2 (4)

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Popeye smoothie today.”

Ingredients: organic spinach+avocado+banana+apple juice

packed with protein & vitamins. Naturally sweetened with apple juice. Popeye would be proud.

Chaider Exposed: The Naked Truth Behind Grounded’s Secret Winter Recipe

Grounded's Chaider

Grounded’s Chaider

By Noah Rinsky

When we put together seasonal drinks, our baristas build them from the ground up. Or in this case, the ‘Grounded-up.’ Testing each ingredient to make sure that the spice, sweetness, and occasional bitterness brings out the most essential elements of coffee and tea.

After all, there’s no point in throwing premium organic spices at low quality coffee or tea. In this case, for the hot ‘Chaider,’ we start with an organic Indian Assam tea that can withstand the zest of black tellicherry pepper, and the bite of cardamom. Continue reading


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