Organic Tasty Blends!

Tasty Blends 2014White Pomegranate, Sweet Nectar, Strawberry Fields & Sweet Orange Spice 
Grounded best selling teas available from our sister store Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company.

Flat rate shipping $6 to any address in the United States. In time for the holidays!

The Golden Tamper

IMG_1764 (1)

Our new golden tamper, handmade in England.

A nice tamper is an essential tool to the barista trade, along with full-bodied espresso, a solid, well cleaned espresso machine (Italian made, of course) & a top notch espresso grinder, with razor sharp burrs. All at your service. This will, quite possibly be the best $3-$6 you have ever spent. Check out our menu.

Picture Perfect!

IMG_1569You  could call the photo “staged” only because we put the glass in front of a leafy plant, instead of handing it off to a customer to drink & enjoy. Everything else about this glass of iced tea is real. It is our Iced Summer Nectar: green rooibos, orange peel, marigold flowers, dried strawberries, natural peach & orange extract. Very refreshing, mildly sweet.  Naturally caffeine free.

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